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  • Drawworks Repacement Parts
  • Air Friction Catheads & Replacement Parts
  • Air Actuated Clutches, Brakes & Drums
  • Drum-Type Constricting Clutches
  • Brakes Bands & Rims
  • 36C / 42B Clutches
  • Triplex Gear End Replacement Parts
  • Triplex Fluid End Replacement Parts
  • Triplex Piston Rods
  • Piston Rod Clamps
  • Crosshead Extension Rods
  • Suction Line Dampeners
  • Liner Wear Plates
  • Discharged Strainer Assemblies
  • Pulsation Dampeners
  • Fluid End Modules
  • Rotary Swivel Replacement Parts
  • Forged Swivel Stems
  • Global Kelly Valves & Parts


RUSSELL OILFIELD EQUIPMENT COMPANY represents GLOBAL MANUFACTURING, a leading provider of ball type Kelly valves, safely valves, top drive valves, inside BOP valves and replacement parts for all major OEM.  Global’s quality assurance program meets the requirements of API Q1 and is licensed to manufacture valves under  API SPECIFICATION 7. Global Kelly Valves & Parts Model Numbers

Global Kelly Valves & Parts